What is Meta?

Meta is a discord music bot, with all the features you expect from every other music bot, like a simple installation, high quality music and your typical play pause commands. However, what makes Meta special is the implementation of a special website to control everything, a huge amount of server customization and the playlist system.

With over 60 commands and a total of 10 supported platforms becomes Meta one of the feature richest music bots ever. So head over to the invite and add Meta to your server of choice.

And ofcourse everything is free to use, no fee required.

The WebApp

was made for everyone who wants to have a clear overview of what`s happening and without interest in all the discord commands. An interface with all the features you have through the commands and even more, like changing the Queue order. Allowing everyone to customize their servers like they want and having full control of Meta.

For every programmer who is interested in the underlying technology of the webapp exists a free API. Enabling him to integrate Meta into other projects.

The Meta channel

is a channel specifically designed to play and control music. It makes use of discord buttons, so you aren't required to use any commands to skip or pause a song. Every message in the channel will also be automatically grabbed as a song request making it possible to just type whatever you want to listen to while keeping the rest of the server clean from any play commands.

To create this channel just use the channel create command.

Any questions left? Ask them on the support server.