A Meta command can be invoked through m-name of the command or via discords slash command interface, so simply /name of the command. There are sometimes small differences between the slash commands and the old school ones, however those differences have no meaningfully impact.
Commands usually only work on servers except the Help and Playlist commands

The commands of meta are ordered in the following categories:

Category Meant for Usage
Help Everyone Shows the different help commands inside discord
Playlist Everyone Different commands to edit your playlists
General DJs Commands for playing and controlling the music
Volume Admins Used for the volume settings (like if everyone can change the volume)
Channel Admins Needed to setup and change the Meta channel
DJ Admins Makes it possible for users to set DJ roles or DJ users
Server Admins All commands to customize the behavior of Meta for the server
Blacklist Admins Allows for creating a blacklist for different songs


Aliases: h | Meant for Everyone
Commands of this command group will send messages to help with the usage of Meta. Those messages describe the different functions of every command, just like any other help command it does.


Aliases: pl | Meant for Everyone
Commands for creating and editing your playlists. Use m-playlist or /playlist show to see your playlists.


Aliases: None | Meant for DJs
Commands for playing and controlling the music


Aliases: vl | Meant for Admins
A group of commands for setting the volume settings of your server. To see the current volume settings use m-volume or /volume show.


Aliases: ch | Meant for Admins
Commands which manage the Meta channel of your server. Here you find commands for creating the Meta channel, clearing it and also removing its function. If you want to see the current meta channel use m-channel or /channel show.


Aliases: None | Meant for Admins
The command group to set DJs in your server. To see every DJ use m-dj or /dj show.


Aliases: sv | Meant for Admins
Every command to customize the appearance and behaviour of Meta on your server, from the time it takes to disconnect after the queue finishes to the default color. Use m-server or /server show to see the current settings


Aliases: bl | Meant for Admins
Commands for adding and removing words from the server wide blacklist for specific songs. To see the blacklist use m-blacklist or /blacklist show