Frequently asked Questions

Does Meta need administration permissions?#

Meta does not need administrator permissions, however it's the easiest way to set up. If you doesn't trust Meta and only want to use the necessary permissions, make sure that Meta is allowed to speak on the server, send messages, edit messages to change the song request channel and can create or delete channels (only required for m-ch delete and m-ch create)

Can I rename the meta channel without losing its function?#

Yes you are able to rename the channel linked to Meta, you are also able to move it and change permissions for the users in the channel, however if Meta doesn't have permissions to edit messages in the channel Meta won't work correctly, also if you delete the channel you have to rebind a new channel, even tho the new channel has the same name.

Meta stops randomly the queue after a song is finished.#

This problem occurs when a new version of Meta gets deployed if the problem occurs multiple times please refer to the support server.

The song requests in the meta channel don't get deleted after being added to the queue.#

Make sure that Meta has the permissions to delete messages in the meta channel.

What is a neutral DJ?#

A neutral DJ is a DJ, who needs to succeed a certain threshold to use the function (for example if the DJ neutral type is set to percentage and the value to 50 at least 50 percent need to vote for skip to skip the song, while a normal DJ can instantly skip).

How can I revoke Meta access for spotify?#

Go to Spotify there you can disable Metas access.

Has Meta (the music bot) anything to do with facebook (now also renamed to Meta)?#

Meta has nothing to do with facebook, the only reason both are now named the same is, that Facebook decided to rename itself exactly into the same name as Meta, also I did not steal the name from Facebook, as Meta already existed under its name before Facebook even announced that they want to rename them self into Meta.